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Timeless Style. Iconic Flair.

    Custom Clothing for Women.    

Unparalleled Quality.

unlimited choice

Dara Lamb Bespoke is a fresh, new way of creating your wardrobe.

Here, it’s all about you. Your life. Your needs Your personal style. You're never limited to the season, style, or colors of ready-to-wear collections.


You never need to compromise. Come in, and we’ll plan the wardrobe you need for business, entertaining, sportswear or special occasions.

Together, we'll create your signature style. You’ll be ready for every occasion in your life. The best part: You’ll have a fabulous time doing it.

Time is Precious


let's preserve it

Why spend days every season hunting, surfing, and worrying about finding clothes that work for you?

Set aside an hour. Visit our intimate 57th street showroom. Have a cup of tea or a glass of wine. We have over 100 beautiful ensembles you can try on and countless fabrics you’ll love to see and feel.

We listen and collaborate. Our custom approach allows us to focus on your needs, your taste, your fit, and allows you to focus on what you want your clothing to say about you. Then we make exactly the clothes you want. Simple.

Why start from scratch every season?  Why be frustrated by what’s hanging in the stores? Once your patterns are on file, placing an order can be as simple and relaxed as exploring fabrics over a cup of tea or, when time is pressing, as quick and easy as an email.


Explore Lookbooks

get anything you want, get everything you want


An Impeccable Fit

high style meets ultimate comfort

One client says it best: "The best thing about Dara's clothes? They're the only clothes that feel as good at the end of the day as when you first put them on in the morning. They're almost like a second skin."

How do we do this? Our heritage bespoke tailoring techniques achieve a garment more comfortable and fluid than any other clothing, no matter the price.

Your custom patterns incorporate Dara's 30+ year study of women's bodies and movement.

Our adjustments reflect your posture, movement, even your attitude, gives you a custom fit noticeable and incomparably flattering. (It's said a good tailor takes off ten years and twenty pounds).

True Value

world class quality and luxury

First-time clients often come to us saying their existing wardrobe "simply no longer reflects their stature."

They're tired of inferior fabrics and workmanship. They’ve never been “just average” and want a wardrobe as unique and accomplished as they are.

You’re at the top of your game. You too, deserve the luxurious touch of the finest fabrics whose high performance keeps up with your busy lifestyle.

We create your wardrobe one garment at a time, with impeccable, artisanal craftsmanship. This lasting investment quality is better for the planet while better for your wallet.

We guarantee you’ll wear your DARA LAMB wardrobe beautifully far longer than any ready-to-wear label, regardless of cost.


"What most women want from their wardrobe is to look and feel fabulous, while feeling completely themselves.

We create hand-made, custom ensembles using the finest fabrics and artisan techniques. Our designs are elegant and empowering, and they leave you ready to live your life with confidence, grace and poise.”

Love Your Look

praise for dara lamb

"The best clothing investment I've ever made. Dara uses the most beautiful fabrics, pays extraordinary attention to her clients, minds every detail, and (creates) and an exceptional experience."

Audrey | September, 2018


Dara Lamb in the Press

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