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The Powerful Pantsuit

  show them how it's done  

More Power to You

The fashion industry may think pantsuits go in and out of style, but our clients know them as a “forever classic” that brings power of presence and freedom of movement to any and every situation.

With custom, you’re never held hostage to fashion’s “whim of iron”. You may have your favorite pant suits,  in any fabric, at any time, in your perfect fit.

Suit Yourself

Coordinated Suits

Dressy without being formal, coordinated ensembles can dazzle and delight; and they allow you to add a creative touch to an executive statement.

Casual / Weekend

A sharp sport coat lets you keep it office casual, is ideal for a weekend getaway, and is a perfect compliment for any number of elegant evening excursions.

Fun & Fashionable

Cocktail / Evening

A striking, cocktail-chic pantsuit lets you stand out when you feel like a night on the town, and always makes a splash at special occasions and events.

Le Smoking

St. Laurent’s classic expression of evening wear remains a timeless expression of intrigue, sophistication, and feminine fashion.

The Finest Fabrics

the details make the difference

Sourced from the finest family owned mills in Italy and England,  our fabric selection brings you hundreds of years of heritage and expertise.


We choose to work with the finest fabrics because they’re luxurious to wear, and their high performance keeps up with your hectic lifestyle.

 These European fabrics may cost a bit more, but their beautiful hand and drape tailors better, feels softer and are woven to last longer.

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